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The XPUNK collection consists of 10,000 uniquely generated characters on a 24-by-24-pixel canvas. They are distinguished by their colorful traits and trademark X-mouth that represents their love for the XRPL.

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The artwork

So, what are the XPUNKS? The XPUNKS is a set of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs designed in the already-classic punk artform. The set boasts a number of different base models, classes and approximately 125 uniquely designed attributes. Although the XPUNKS follows the well-known punk style, a unique twist and design philosophy has been applied to the set. The team has challenged itself throughout the design process by getting the most out of every scarce pixel that makes up a punk-style NFT. We have done this by minimising outlining, making use of shadowing and generally applying a rich and vibrant color-scheme. The result of which creates a Punk-style which boasts the play-fullness that collectors expect from a Punk NFT with a serious ambition to create aesthetically pleasing artwork.

Our mission

Your XPUNK is a way of showing to the world that you were first. That you were right. 

The XPUNK mission is simple: We want to provide the XRPL community with a way to express themselves through the use of this new, innovative, and revolutionary technology whilst simultaneously honoring one of the most sustainable, secure, and cost-effective blockchains in the world. In other words, an XPUNK can be seen as a way of showing others that you are at the forefront of innovation. Not only as a holder but also as a firm & fundamental believer in the advancement of NFT technology and, therefore, blockchain as a whole. 

You see, owning an XPUNK does not simply mean you have a new profile picture to post on your Twitter account which you can boast about to your friends & following. On the contrary, owning an XPUNK exerts a sense of exclusivity, belonging, and belief. More specifically, the belief that the ecosystem is moving forward alongside other innovators in the crypto sphere. Such a sense is rarely experienced (if at all ever maintained) and as such, our community is and always has been one of the most loyal and dedicated communities ever seen on the XRPL. We would not be here without them and will keep on heralding this fact until the end of days.

Like many in our ecosystem, our anticipation is that the XRPL will not only thrive due to the revolutionary underlying technology but also due to the community that has been created as a result of education, trust, and overall excitement for this long-awaited technology. Since the XPUNKs, not only has the inception of tokenized whitelisting introduced a monumental influx of holders into the space, but it has also exerted a sense of hope & confidence despite the frequently experienced volatilities in the crypto and NFT space. A sense of confidence has been built upon the fact that the XRPL is and always will keep on growing in new, fascinating, and yet-to-be-discovered ways in the decades to come.

Our vision

As mentioned afore, our vision is to contribute to the NFT innovation on the XRPL and blockchain at large. The XPUNK brand embodies this effort to and through its core in a magnitude of ways. Accordingly, since its inception, the XPUNKs have dedicated themselves to helping other projects grow by building new tools/platforms such as onXRP and onAVAX, which have delivered a plethora of opportunities for exposure, education, and the expansion into never-before-seen avenues. Although this was initially done through constructive engagement with community members, developers, and nonnative-XRPL users/entities, it was ultimately extended by means of experiences and observations in the space. More notably, the observation that there was a lack of accessible information and subsequent understanding of the XRPL, NFTs, and blockchain as a whole. 

Since the XPUNKs strive to be bigger than a brand, we wanted to help shift this paradigm. As such, we want to utilize the capabilities of the XRPL, both present, and future, to their maximum potential. Although undoubtedly, there will be setbacks and technical challenges along the way, as is always anticipated with new projects and new technology, we plan to stick to our transparent and open communication lines with our stakeholders to become an extension of innovation on the XRPL.

Ripple’s Creator Fund and the Eden project

First announced in Q3 of 2021, Ripple’s Creator Fund encompasses a $250 million fund to enable all creators - and their partners - to kickstart their participation in this exciting new era on the XRPL. With the Creator Fund, Ripple is certainly a heavy proponent of the use cases of NFTs and they envision a future where NFTs are added to the already large basket of use cases for the XRPL. We applaud this effort on Ripples' side to contribute to the innovative landscape of NFT technology and we aim to assist in this endeavour in every way we can by sharing knowledge, resources and educating the wider public.

Over the last few months, we have applied to be funded by the Creator Fund, we have gone through an extensive selection process, and we are proud to say that we have been awarded with a portion of the Creator Fund! The funding will be dedicated to fund the development of the next step in the evolution of the XPUNKS: the Eden project. We are eternally grateful for this opportunity and will execute on this project with the same passion and professionalism we have applied throughout our previous work. We believe strongly that the Eden project will revolutionize blockchain gaming and NFT utility. With this endeavour, we can guarantee that the XPUNK project has a long and fruitful future and that owners will hold a piece of NFT history.

The Eden project is a joint venture with Cemtrex. We felt it to be absolutely necessary that the partner we choose to work with joined the project in a true stakeholder capacity, so that the partner would undertake this project with the same dedication as the XPUNK team. Our experience working with Cemtrex on the onXRP project has shown us that Cemtrex is able to execute and deliver quality work with true creative passion and professionalism. 




  • Incorporation in the crypto valley - Company is now established in Zug, Zwitserland as a GmbH
  • Launch XPUNK token - Digital voucher for 1 NFT (0.5 token)
  • Regulatory compliance - Token is deemed a non-security
  • Launch merch store - Buy exclusive XPUNK merch at www.xpunks.shop
  • Release all attributes - All attributes have been revealed on www.xpunks.club/xpunks-attributes
  • List on central exchange (Bitrue) - The XPUNK token can be traded with USDT
  • Kaj (Bradley Punkhouse) gets an XPUNK tattoo - As was promised once the token price hit $10,000
  • Incubator airdrops for holders with 0.5 XPUNK token - xBaes, xMonks, Anbu Legends, and Others
  • Ripple partnership through Creator Fund - One of the first receivers of the fund
  • Create mainstream exposure - 60k+ Socials, Forbes, Cointelegraph, and many more
  • Launch onXRP - All-encompassing ecosystem for the XRPL community
  • Monthly OXP airdrops - Linear release for XPUNK & OXP holders
  • Begin development of Eden - Secret project with Ripple & Cemtrex


  • Launch onXRP NFT Marketplace & Launchpad - After the release of XLS-20
  • Mint XPUNK NFT - After the release of XLS-20 XPUNKs will be mintable
  • XPUNKS in Maladroids - Release special characters for XPUNK holders
  • Community events - Both online and offline
  • Unfold the Eden story - Slowly release part of the Eden Lore and Story
  • Mystery drop - UNIXPUNKS
  • Release Eden trailer - Show the world what the XPUNKS have been building
  • Partnerships to aid Eden & XPUNKS - Establish key partnerships
  • Launch Eden - Release V1 of Eden