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10,000 NFTs unlock unparalleled utility within the BPM Wallet ecosystem. The collection has been split into an initial 2,000 Revellers; the remaining 8,000 Revellers will be released in 2023 with a dynamic pricing strategy protecting existing holders and the floor. Lock up your Reveller and earn competitive APY returns and monthly raffle tickets to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Revellers will redefine the fan experience.

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Revellers are a collection of 10,000 hand sketched NFTs from world-class Peruvian street-artist, Fiasco. Revellers are powered by $BPM token and deliver unparalleled utility from inception that will enhance year on year. Lock-up your Reveller and $BPM within our Rewards Platform to earn up to 300% APY returns. Become a VIP at Reveller associated events, as well as accessing our monthly holder raffles offering once in a lifetime experiences. Revellers are the future of augmented and virtual reality as we sync LIVE Web2 and Web3 experiences.


Our roadmap is just the beginning of our Reveller journey, we will regularly update our roadmap to reflect current progress, ensuring holders are always in the loop.

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